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Sirocco – Fully featured custom yurt homes in both wood and metal

The base of the Sirocco line is a turn-key 18′ diameter metal yurt cabin package that comes complete with a full-size locking metal door, windows, lots of venting for summer, and the ability to fully insulate and heat for winter.  Both the walls and roof are made from specially sculpted high-tensile galvanized steel, coated in nothing but pure zinc that will last 70 years without any maintenance!

This yurt is far beyond any other type of building in its strength and durability.  Crafted to withstand both high snow loads and hurricane-force winds, the Sirocco yurt cabin can handle nearly anything mother nature can create.

One key benefit to the metal yurt construction is its ease of setup.  Each cabin can be constructed either on a foundation or even a gravel pad in as little as one day without any skilled labor.  Only a few basic tools are required and most of them come as part of the standard kit.  The building can even be disassembled and moved to another location without any damage to the metal panels, giving it both a high re-sale value, and the flexibility of a movable structure.

Different options are available for exterior wall finishes including wooden siding, paint, and natural plaster or strawbale construction.  Interior finishes are limitless and can include wood paneling, plaster, cob, straw-bale, or any other natural building technique. Contact us today to begin customizing your Sirocco!

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Prices start at $9,999.

Price reductions available and small farm discounts! Save even more when you order multiple yurts!

Imagine a yurt with solid walls that still sets up in a day or two.  A yurt with the option for fully insulated walls thick enough that can be easily wired to electrical code and plumbed for water.  Cover that yurt in a metal roof that will last longer than anything else and insulate its roof to keep out the winter chill.  That’s the Sirocco.  Its a super-insulated natural round house.  Both wood and metal walls are available.

Sirocco Metal Yurt walls are made from high strength galvanized steel that is durable, recyclable, and completely non-toxic. The wall panels easily bolt together and can be assembled by anyone without training. Exterior and interior finish packages are available and can include paint, plaster, wood paneling/siding, and even natural building styles like cob, straw-bale, or papercrete.

Super strong formed roof panels form both the rafters and roofing on this yurt. The thick galvanized steel has proved to have a 70 year lifespan with zero maintenance. Longer lifespans can be achieved through the simple painting of the roof. The 18′ model even features a double layer roof to increase durability and reduce summer heat. Interior ceiling finishes can include both wood and plaster covering thick insulation.

Windows and Doors
The standard package comes with one full-sized locking metal entry door and two windows. Windows come with a solid locking cover and an interior screen. Insulated Anderson windows are available.

Base model comes un-insulated. Insulation packages are available.

Health Issues – VOCs and Chemicals
None! Base model is constructed entirely out of galvanized steel. Galvanizing is a process where steel is coated in molten zinc. Zinc is a naturally element that is essential to life. Zero-VOC paints are available was well and safe, non-toxic insulation and finish materials to finish off the Sirocco to your liking.

We now offer Green Home Consulting and Project Management.

Drawing on our 8 year history of building zero-VOC and perfectly insulated homes, we can offer you a low-cost way to ensure that your building project is healthy and efficient. We work with you, your suppliers, builders, architects, and designers to ensure that all of the materials that go into your home are healthy and safe for you and the environment.


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    we are interested in purchasing a yurt to house a (mostly outdoors) preschool in our yard. for building department it has to be non-permanent, it also has to withstand rain in the winter.
    we would like to construct a tent that we could convert to more permanent (with wood/metal) later without the cost of doing it all over from

  2. Do you Offer a 30 diameter or 36 diameter


    • Clean Air Yurts specializes in small lightweight yurts that are highly portable, easy to setup, and are free from harmful vinyl or PVC-based fabrics. We do have the capability to produce any yurt you desire and work with customers to design and build our solid wall insulated Sirocco Yurt homes. If you are looking for a special product, please give us a call at 845-384-2994 to discuss your project.

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